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What Makes Us Different?

We offer one big database or 400 prepared lists for your geographic area, field of interest or type of support

Written With You in Mind

The profiles were written with the grantseeker in mind, no editing or omissions from profiled institutional funders

It's All on One-Page

No flipping back and forth between webpages. Easier to read and take notes

Lots of Links

  • Staff and foundation email links
  • Website links – homepage, staff contact lists, newspaper stories and bios
  • Recent funder publications (annual reports, grants lists, donor lists)
  • Phone #s (with most browsers)
  • Corporate websites
  • Application instructions
  • Links to recent 990PFs
  • Online application pages
  • Social media pages

Key Contact Information

Whenever possible, telephone numbers and email addresses of key personnel -- board and staff

In Their Words

Lots of quotes and direct paraphrases of what the funder says about their mission, vision, funding priorities, and application procedures

Business Background

What is the corporation's business? Where did family get its money?

Organizing by Funder Lists by Deadlines Option

Need to know which funders have deadlines this month or next? We can do that.

Detailed Geographic Interests

Where does the funder fund? And where do the funder give most of its funding?

Money is No Object

If the funder is interesting and open to your proposal, the annual giving total doesn't matter. Small and large funders are all welcome. Small family foundations are a specialty area for us

Only Reasonably Accessible Funders

No funders that only do scholarships or are only giving to one or two recipients per year

Early Warning Indicators - Four Early Warning Signs

Is the funder geographically limited? Is the funder exclusively interested in only one field of interest? Is the funder awarding less than $500,000 per year? Does the funder accept unsolicited proposals? if not, are there ways to communicate in a simpler way with the funder?

Historical and Expressed Funding Interest

Does the funder award grants to organizations not on its published list of expressed interests? If so, would it be reasonable to expect they might look at my organization.

Easy to Read Historical Giving Patterns

Is the funder's giving going up or down or all over the place? No need to examine every 990PF, it's all here in one graph.

Key Sample Grants

No long lists to weed through, the grants that tell you what you need to know

Create Your Own List

With individual subscriptions, you have the ability to create your own online funder lists, gleaning your best prospects from several different lists.

Ready-Made Specialty Lists

400 list of ready made inexpensive, pay-by-the-month funder lists by interest area (e.g., Childcare funders in New York City, Rocky Mountain State Environmental Funders, Christian, Jewish, Catholic and Islamic –motivated funders, Children's Health, Adult Literacy, Performing Arts Education; and by geographic interests (all 50 states, rural communities, major metro areas, Indian tribal land funders), and types of support (capital, conference funders)

Searchable databases

By giving/asset information, geography, type of support, type of funder, fields of interests, corporate connections and whether the funder has an online application process


Email or call us and we'll get back to you in 24 hours. Or use the online connect button available on every profile



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