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The workshops are the core of the offering

Access Philanthropy believes successful nonprofit training must contain four elements:
(1) Unambiguous, accurate data,
(2) Unvarnished reality,
(3) An insider’s perspective, and
(4) Trust and cooperation between participants.

If this sounds interesting, an Access Philanthropy Workshop will give you one of the most helpful and provocative training opportunities of the year.

Workshops from Access Philanthropy

• Basics and Briefings

• National Funders – Becoming Nationally Fundable

• National Funders – Who Are They

• Corporations – Getting to Know the New Big Dog on the Block

• Corporations – Who Are They

• Local/Regional Funders – Who Are They

• Employees: The New Philanthropy Gateway

• Philanthropy in the Buffett-Gates Era

• Key Research Preparation, Plans, and Techniques

• Applied Philanthropy Prospect Planning

• Key Messaging

• Focused Relationship Building

• Evaluation Start Up

• Online Applications

• Customized Research and Workshops

What participants will receive with every workshop

  • A fast-paced, participatory. We start on time and take one break and then we are back at it.
  • Each workshop has a hand out to use to take notes and to take the information back to the office. In the case of Corporate Grantmaking, Access Philanthropy wrote the book on Corporate Grantmaking - and you will benefit from our knowledge with: descriptions of more than 100 corporate giving programs, an analysis of giving (and asking) by industry, and special articles on terminology, stakeholder satisfaction, and newest trends in corporate giving.
  • Entrée to Access Philanthropy’s web page and on-line description of more than 200 corporate giving programs and over 750 national funders.
  • The workshop PowerPoint presentation will be available on the website

Several articles on corporate giving and sponsorship programs are also available on the website.