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The State of Corporate Philanthropy

The last decade has seen tremendous growth in the field of corporate philanthropy. Although the percentage of reported corporate charitable funding has remained relatively stable, the actual amount of corporate assets that are going into nonprofit coffers through grants, loans, paid advertisements, business partnerships, donated goods and services, and other types of contributions has risen dramatically. Available as a Microsoft Word file.

The Access Philanthropy 100 B

A directory of detailed information on the 100 most important national foundations, along with chapters on "How to Write a Successful Proposal to a National Foundation,""Eight Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers," "What Foundations Hate About Nonprofits (and Vice Versa)," and "100 Other National Foundations Worth Considering."

The book is available for $45 plus $5 shipping and handling. Please send your check or money order for $50 payable to Access Philanthropy, plus shipping instructions to:
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Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Steve Paprocki’s articles and publications include:

  • "Why Corporate Philanthropy is Failing as a Function of Corporate Profitmaking" (Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota).
  • "The Philanthropy Project 100: The 100 Largest, Most Interesting and Most Influential National Foundations in America."
  • "American Foundation Funding for Women and Girls in the Global South and Nations in Transition" (for the Ford Foundation and the International Women's Rights Action Watch.
  • "Mergers: Implications for Corporate Philanthropy and the Community" (for the Center for Ethical Business Cultures, University of Thomas/Carlson School of Business).
  • Grants: Corporate Grantmaking for Racial and Ethnic Communities (Moyer-Bell, 2000).
  • "Why Corporations Should be Required to Publicly Report All Corporate Giving." Securities and Exchange Commission Periodic Issue Papers.
  • "Corporate Grantmaking for Asian Pacific American Causes and Charities." Harvard Asian Public Policy Review.
  • "Measuring the Measurements: Failures in the Internal Revenue Service's Private Foundation Watchdog Function." Internal Revenue Service Tax Reporter Quarterly.
  • Answering the Call? The Telecommunications Industry's Giving for Racial and Ethnic Communities.
  • Corporate Giving for Racial and Ethnic Communities: Part One, Giving by the Top Profitmaking Companies of 1988.
  • "The Impact of Multiple Charity Campaigns on Employee Giving to United Way." Canadian Cancer Society Reporter.



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