Arts & Culture Funders Database Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area

Access Philanthropy established this free online searchable database to provide users information on funding opportunities for performing arts, visual arts, arts education, media arts, historic preservation, museums, humanities and other arts-related issues and operations.

The database includes profiles of approximately 400 private and public grantmakers who have funded arts organizations (primarily) in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area in the past, or report they are open to funding arts agencies in the Metro Area. Funders will be added to the database and profiles updated as new information is collected.

Three Geographic Types

In the Arts & Culture Funders Database, funders with three geographic locations and interests are included:

  1. Minnesota resident funders which fund arts and culture in the Metro Area
  2. Non-Metropolitan resident funders which fund arts and culture in the Metro Area, plus a few other places
  3. Non-Metropolitan resident funders which fund all over the United States

Multiple Ways to Search for Arts & Culture Funders

From simple browsing to creating your own funding search, there are many ways to look for arts and culture funders in the database:

The database is interactive. Each profile has an email link to Access Philanthropy. We hope you will use the links to send us updated information on funders, ideas for new funders, or questions about funders or the database itself.

View a brief Power Point presentation on how to use the database and how to conduct institutional prospect research for your organization

Arts & Culture Funders Map

  • Anoka
  • Carver
  • Dakota
  • Hennepin
  • Ramsey
  • Scott
  • Washington
Funders Map

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